Residential and Commercial Junk Disposal of East Texas

Why choose Junk it Removal?

  • We remove a wide variety of junk. If we can put it in the Junk it Removal truck and it isn’t chemical, biological or hazardous in nature, then we can remove your junk.
  • We provide the labor to load your junk. Our uniformed Junk it Crew is professional and on-time.
  • We provide the transportation to remove your junk. You’ll know it’s us when you see the bright silver and red Junk it Removal truck pull up.
  • We sort and remove your junk to be recycled, donated, or disposed of properly in a sanitary landfill.
  • Our Junk it Removal truck and crew are properly insured for your protection.
  • We service both residential customers and commercial clients.


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